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Vaidyanatha Ashtakam
Translated by P. R. Ramachander

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[Lord Shiva is considered as the king among physicians. He is worshipped in this form in Purlee Vaijyanath. He is also worshipped in this form at a great temple in Tamil Nadu known as Vaitheeswaran Koil (Temple of the lord of physicians). It is believed that Lord Rama performed the cremation of the bird Jatayu in this spot.It is also believed that Lord Angaraka (planet Mars) who was afflicted by leprosy got cured in this place. It is also believed that Lord Subramanya got his trident(vel) after worshipping in this temple. There is a temple tank called Siddha Amrutha Theertha (the all curing nectar water) in this temple. Bathing in this tank is supposed to cure all diseases. Tiru Chandu pills distributed in this temple are considerd as a cure of all diseases. This is purported to be the medicine, which Vaidyanatha gave to Angaraka to cure his illness. Pilgrims who come here to get their illness cured take this medicine after observing the following directions. They are first required to take bath in the Angasanatana Teertham on an auspicious day during the Sukla Paksha, get the Mrittika (mud) in a new pot to the temple, mix it with sacred ash and a few drops of water from Siddhamurta Teertham.
They should grind this into a paste and offer it in prayer to the Goddess and take it in with a little water from the Teertham, whereby they will be relieved of any sort of illness. After the abhishekam, the feet of Lord Subrahmanya are covered with sandal paste mixed with saffron powder in equal weight and devotees receive it as prasad. Devotees who are desirous of getting cured of diseases are also requested to recited the Vaidyanatha Ashtakam, thrice a day.]

Sree rama soumithri jatayu veda,
Shadanadithya kujarchithya,
Sree neelakandaya daya mayaya,
Sree vaidyanathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who is worshipped by Rama and Lakshmana,
Who is woshipped by Jatayu,
Who is worshipped by the Vedas,
Who is worshipped by Lord Subrahmanya,
Who is worshipped by the Sun God,
Who is worshipped by the Mars God,
Who is having a blue neck,
And who is the personification of mercy.

Ganga pravahendu jada dharaya,
Trilochanaya smara kala hanthre,
Samstha devairapi poojithaya,
Sree vaidyanathata namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who wears the flow of Ganges and the moon,
On his head,
Who has three eyes,
Who had killed the God of love and death,
And who is worshipped by all devas.

Bhaktha priyaya, tripuranthakaya,
Pinakine dushta haraya nithyam,
Prathyaksha leelaya manushya loke,
Sree vaidyanathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who is the lover his devotees,
Who has destroyed the three cities,
Who holds the bow called Pinaka,
Who destroys bad people daily,
And who plays in the world of humans.

Prabhootha vadadhi samastha roga,
Pranasa karthre muni vandhthithaya,
Prabhakarennd wagni vilochanaya,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who cures all great diseases,
Like rheumatism and arthritis,
Who is saluted by great sages,
And to whom, the sun god,
Moon and God of fire are eyes.

Vakchrothra nethrangiri viheena jantho,
Vakchrothra nethrangiri sukha pradaya,
Kushtadhi sarvonnatha roga hanthre,
Sri Vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who blesses those beings,
Who have lost their speech, hearing, sight and ability to walk,
With these abilities,
And who provides cure,
For devastating diseases like leprosy.

Vedantha vedhyaya jagan mayaya,
Yogiswara dhyeya Padambujaya,
Trimurthy roopaya sahasra namne,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who can be known through vedantha,
Who is spread through out the universe,
Who has a lotus feet ,
That is meditated upon by great sages,
Who is of the form of the holy trinity,
And who has thousand names.

Swatheertha mrudbasma brudanga bajam,
Pisacha dukha arthi bhayapahaya,
Athma swaroopaya sareera bajaam,
Sri Vaidyanaathaya namasivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who removes all suferings,
Caused by bad spirits, sorrows and fears,
By dip in his holy tank,
By the holy ash in the temple,
And by the mud below the neem tree of the temple,
And who is the personification of soul,
Occupying human body.

Sree neelakandaya vrushaba dwajaya,
Sarakkanda basmadhya abhi shobithaya,
Suputhradarathi subagyathaya,
Sri vaidyanathaya nama sivaya.

I salute that God Shiva,
Who is the king among physicians,
Who has a blue neck,
Who has the the bull on his flag,
Who shines by flowers, sacred ash and sandal,
Who grants good children and good wife,
And who blesses us with all good luck.

Balambikesa vaidyesa bava roga haredisa,
Japen nama thrayam nithyam maha roga nivaranam.

Those who recite this prayer,
Thrice a day with devotion,
And pray the Lord Vaidyanatha,
Who is with his consort Balambika,
And who removes the fear of birth and death,
Would get cured of all great diseases.

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