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Bhakta Gora Kumbhar

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Once upon a time there lived a man called Kuba in Rajput. He was a potter but a great bhakta. His wife was Puri and they were made for each other. They made 30 pots per month and lead a humble life with their meagre earnings. The rest of the time they spent in prayer of God. They were known for truthfulness, forgiveness and peacefulness. They lead a life of equanimity. They served the guests with what little they had. They strongly believed in the fact that happiness, and misery are caused due to the ‘Karmas’ done by the human beings and that the ‘Atma’ has nothing to do with these ups and downs in life. So they were unperturbed by the changes in their life. Since they made a limited number of pots, it was not sufficient for their life and for their generosity. But they changed neither their decision nor their life style. Blessed were his guests since they ate food served by a pious family.

Bhagavan did not like his devotee to go unnoticed. He created a situation. 200 sadhus came to his village in the course of their pilgrimage. They requested the villagers to provide them with cooking utensils and provisions. There were many rich people no doubt but they were not kind enough. They directed them to Kuba’s house. They did not know that their money was not a permanent affair. They were not aware of the fact that material comforts don’t go with them to Heaven and that only spiritual gains accompany them.

The Sadhus reached Kuba’s house and sang melodiously ‘Jaya Jaya Seetharam.’ Their voice echoed into the sky and Kuba’s joy knew no bounds. He fell to their feet with delight and said. ‘Oh Sadhus! I am thrilled at your sight. What can I do for you ? They repeated their request. Kuba promised to fulfil their desire, though he did not know how! In his poverty, how could he provide provisions for 200 people ? Where there is God on your side, there is a way out ! He took a deep breath, thought of God and went to a rich man. He requested him to provide the material and offered to pay as much as he demanded. The zamindar knew Kuba could not afford to pay the amount but he also knew Kuba was a man of his word. If he promised something, he never went back on it, come what may ! So he laid a condition ‘I am planning to dig a well. If you promise to dig it for me, I will do what you want.’ Without any second thought, Kuba agreed and the rich many gave him rice, cereal, atta, ghee etc. Kuba happily handed them over to the sadhus. The chief of the sadhus, was God himself. He blessed him and left him.

As promised, Kuba came to dig the well. His wife Puri also accompanied him. He dug the mud and his wife threw the mud out. All through their work, they were chanting the name of God. Finally, after a few days, water sprang out. It was very sweet, but deep down there was lots of sand since the sand above was falling down for want of a proper wall. So once when Kuba was working deep inside, the piles of sand outside fell over him. Puri above was safe, but Kuba was hidden under the sand. Puri cried bitterly. All the villagers including the rich man came running to her. They heard the sad tale and felt sorry for him. It would take atleast one whole day to clear the mud, but there was no guarantee that Kuba would be alive till then. So some of them tried to console Puri. They said, ‘We will try our level best to save your husband. The rest lies in God’s hands. So go home and pray to God. If it is bound to happen, we cannot avert our fate.’ Some kind people even offered to look after her material needs. but will these words put an end to her sorrow for her husband ?’

It is but natural to question God’s ways with our limited knowledge. One of the crowd dared to raise a question. ‘He is such a pious man. Why did God get angry on him?’That gave rise to many comments. One answered, ‘This is written on his skull. ‘Fate, destiny and death are unavoidable. He is destined to suffer, but still God should have saved him. Another stupid person commented, ‘You people are mad after dharma and now see the fate of this truthful man. Had he not thought of his dharma, he would not have been under the sand thus.’ Another fool added, ‘This is the fate of a bhakta. What good will bhakti fetch you ?’ While such discussions were going on, some good people escorted Puri to her home.’

Time is the best healer. Days rolled on to months and months rolled on to a year. In the meanwhile the villagers forgot all about the bhakta Kuba and the well he dug. There was no trace of well then, since the rain had closed down the pit dug. One night a few travellers came across that place. Since it became dark, they stood there for the night. Surprisingly they heard a chanting of Lord Hari to the accompaniment of tala, veena and mrudang. This sons continued the whole night. They also joined their voices and they spent the night happily. The next morning, they went into the village and informed them of their experience. The villagers laughed it away but when the travellers insisted, they reached the spot and heard keenly with their ears to the ground. Yes! they were very much correct ! They couldn’t believe their own ears ! The news spread like a wild fire. People from the neighbouring villages rushed to hear the bhajan. Slowly the news reached the ears of the king and he rushed there with his ministers. The king is all powerful. At once he employed hundreds of people to dig out the mud. The well proped up within a few hours. And Lo ! what an unbelievable sight it was !

On one side of the well, there was a pure flow of water. On the other side was a magnificant personality in sky blue colour with four hands, decked with Sankhu, Chakra, Gada and Padmam and with a pleasing smile. He was no other than Lord Sri Hari himself! Before him was the great devotee Kuba, dancing away in ecstatic joy with tears rolling down his cheeks. Divine musical instruments were heard in the background.

That miraculous scene spread a wave of bhakti, faith, joy and love all over their hearts. Those who criticized God’s ways and commented on devotees were immersed in the path of devotion. The Maharaja himself prostrated before God. The next minute God vanished. The king saw to it that Kuba was brought out He announced to the public. ‘This Kuba is not an ordinary man. Pray to him as God.’ All the people had the same feeling. So they dutifully obeyed him.

Kuba reached his home and his wife was delighted to see him. His name and fame spread far and wide and people all over the country came in search of him and were blessed in turn by his teachings. When people made the darshan of the king, the king came down personally to have the darshan of Kuba.

There were many stories about Kuba’s miraculous powers. When there was severe famine, rice overflowed in the village. This is just an example. Many people who came in touch with him were realized souls.

God speaks to us in many ways. He sends us his disciples to vouchsafe. His powers, His omnipresence and His immense blessings.

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