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Bhakta Hanuman

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My dear Arjuna, he who engages in My pure devotional service, free from the contaminations of fruitive activities and mental speculation, he who works for Me, who makes Me the supreme goal of his life, and who is friendly to every living being—he certainly comes to Me.

Hanuma is a true example of these lives Bhakta Hanuma.

‘Hanuma is totally devoted to Rama. It is praise worthy no doubt, but he is so much involved in his services to his Lord that there is hardly any scope for us brothers to serve him. Name any job, he lands on the spot and seizes the work. However much we like him, we are unable to bear this competition. You must do something to stop it. You are like our mother and you are the right person to set things right.’ These are the complaints of Bharath, Lakshman and Shatrugn to Seetha a few days after Rama Pattabhishekham.

Seetha was not surprised at their complaint since she was sailing in the same boat. Rama bhakta Hanuman had no other thought except the welfare of Rama. He was so much involved in it that he was unmindful of the courtesies to be followed. He did not hesitate to get into their Ekantamandir. He was even pressing the legs of Rama which was a previledge of the wife in their privacy. He was thus overpowering everyone but Seetha forgave him since he was not aware of human life. She explained the same to her brothers-in-law.

Bharat took it as a favourable sign from Seetha and pleaded once again to do something.

Seetha wondered what she could do ! Then the brothers came out with a wonderful suggestion. ‘We will sort out all the services to be rendered to Sri Rama and we will name the person who is entitled to do so’. Lakshman added ‘If we get it signed by Rama, it becomes king’s order and nobody can ever dare to oppose it.
Seetha agreed. ‘O.K. fine, but see that I too have some place in it. I will get it signed by Rama.’
Satrugn added ‘When his own relatives are so eager to serve him, where is the place for a stranger ?’
Seetha could not relish the idea, but she had no other go. The brothers meticulously prepared a fool proof list of services to Rama from dawn to dusk and sorted them out among themselves. They did not leave out a single possibility.

Seetha conveyed the brothers greviences and their course of action to Rama. Rama read through the list and observed that Hanuma had no place in it. He learnt that Seetha did not object to it. Without batting an eyelid, without a word of protest, but with a smile on his face Rama signed over it.

The next minute Satrugn attacked Hanuma with full powers in his hand. ‘You cannot enter his palace without my permission. Here I am on duty !. Hanuma wanted to know what his duties were ! Surprisingly his name was nowhere to be seen in such a big list. As he was searching for his name, the brothers were smiling to themselves.

Hanuma pleaded to Rama in the court to give him permission to serve him for a requirement not mentioned in their Service Memorandum. Since the brothers gloated over their all pervading list, had no objection to it. Before Rama could grant it, Bharat had generously accepted it. Hanuma saw to it that his grant too was added in the G.O.
His wish was strange and surprising. Whenever Rama yawned, Hanuma would rap his fingers. What a clever innovation ! This desire of Hanuman gave him a right royal entry ! He placed himself at Rama’s feet. Nobody could object to it! Wherever Rama moved, Hanuma followed since you could never predict when Rama would yawn.

The whole day, Hanuma sat very close to Rama, staring at his face all the time. This farce continued at whatever course of action Rama was in while at dinner, at rest, at court etc. It was embarrassing but it could not be avoided. He had king’s permission to do so!. Moreover he was not causing hindrance to any other person. Then how could they object ?

But finally Seetha objected to his right of entry into their private room. How could anybody get in the way of husband and wife ? But Hanuma was a stranger to these courtesies! All that he knew was he should serve his master ! He did not mind where he was ! So he innocently asked. ‘What if my master yawns in your palace?’ Seetha laughed it away and said, ‘But you have no right of entry’.

Hanuma mildly left the place, but she was shocked to see Rama lying on the bed with his mouth agape. Seetha was surprised to see him thus.

Rama gave no answer to her question. He pointed his finger upwards but there was nothing special except the usual decoration. She poured water into his mouth but he did not gulp it. He neither closed his mouth nor spoke a word.

Seetha hurriedly sent word to the three mothers and three brothers of Rama. The news spread like wild fire, everybody rushed there. Rama greeted his mothers with folded hands but his mouth was still wide open. The royal doctor was sent for, but he could not decipher anything. Rama made gestures that he was alright. Then his guru Vasista Maharshi came to the spot but still there was no change in his posture. The doctor was trying to explain the situation but Vasista’s first question was ‘Where is Hanuma ?’ Everybody was there except Hanuma. ‘Go fetch him here at once.’ Then it struck somebody that Rama was time and again pointing to the roof. Putting two and two together, Hanuma was located at the roof. Hanuma was chanting the names of Rama and Seetha in ecstacy rapping his fingers all the while. He was lost in this action, tears rolling down the cheeks, though he was feeling sleepy.

It took five minutes for the servant to bring him back to reality and to bring him down from the roof. He came down still rapping his fingers. Vasista ordered him to stop it at once. The next minute Rama’s mouth was closed. Vasista enquired why he was sitting there.

Hanuma innocently explained, ‘My duty is to rap my fingers whenever my lord yawns. But I had no right of entry into this room. How will I know when my lord yawns. So as a precautionary measure, I have been doing it all the while.’

Vasista explained ‘Did you understand now the reason behind Rama’s problem. In fact it was not any ailment. He was only trying to please his staunch devotee.’ This is an example of strong bhakti of a devotee to his Lord and the blessing showered upon him by his Lord !

Seetha and Rama’s brothers felt ashamed of themselves. Their love for Rama stands no comparison to the dedication of Hanuma towards the same person. Seetha tore off the memorandum and apologised wholeheartedly to Hanuma. She gave him permission to continue his services to the Lord as of yore. Rama’s brothers too gave him full freedom. Rama blessed Hanuma and added ‘Dear Hanuma. I henceforth give you full freedom to allocate whatsoever duties to whomsoever you like. For that matter even I have no freedom to appoint any one to serve me without your permission.’

Hanuma prostrated before Rama as a sign of gratefulness. The mothers, brothers and all others left the place relieved of their tension. They all appreciated the bhakti of Hanuma.

The Lord knows the intensity of the love and dedication of his devotees to him but the people around him do not know it. They are bound by petty jealousies, ego clashes and prejudices. They will not listen to the reasoning. They should learn it practically. That’s why Rama didn’t bother to explain anything to Seetha even Seetha loved Hanuma but her possessiveness dominated her love for Hanuma. Hanuma did not have the cunning nature of human beings but he proved himself cleverer than the superior animal.

The brothers treated themselves superior to Hanuma and thought they fooled him. But Hanuma outwitted them twice. He befooled them initially in attaining the boon. He proved his superiority in his total surrender to God. Thus he ranks number one among other devotees of Rama. He is second to none.

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