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Ganapati Atharva Seersha
Translated by P. R.Ramachander

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[Ganapathi Atharva Seersha is a part of Atharvana Veda. It is classified as an Upanishad and not as a chant. But this is considered universally as the greatest and most effective prayer addressed to Ganesa. I have used a small booklet giving meaning of this great prayer published by Om graphics and also write up and meaning given in Audarya fellowship and Mathra Online. This is also called Gana Upanishad or Ganapthi Seersha Upanishad,]

OM Namasthe Ganapathaye
Thwameva prathyaksham thathwamasi
Thwameva kevalam karthasi.
Thwameva kevalam Dharthasi
Thwameva Kevalam Harthasi

My Salutations to the Lord of Ganas,
You are the direct experience of you as me,
You are only the doer of all works, (creator)
You are only the bearer of all burdens, (one who looks after)
You are only the one who destroys(destroyer)

Thwameva sarvam khalvidam brahmasi,
Thwam sakshath athmasi nithyam.

You are the supreme God who conquers,
And you are the real imperishable soul.

Hritham Vachmi. Sathyam Vachmi.

Speak that which helps,
Speak only truth.

Ava thwam maam. Ava vaktharam.
Ava srotharam. Ava datharam.
Ava dhatharam, Ava noochana mava sishyam.
Ava paschathath Ava purasthath
Ava utharotharath. Ava dakshinathath.
Ava chordhwathath. Ava adharathath.
SArvatho maam pahi, pahi samanthath.

Protect me,Protect those who speak.
Protect those who hear. Protect those who make it pure,
Protect the giver, Protect me and my students.
Protect west. Protect east,
Protect north. Protect South,
Protect above. Protect below,
Protect me from everything from all directions.

Thwam vangmayathwam chin maya.
Thwam aananda mayathwam brahma maya.
Thwam sachidananda adwithiyosi.
Thwam prathyaksham brahmasi,
Thwam jnana mayo vijnana mayosi.

You are that which makes me speak.
You are filled with joy, filled with Brahmam.
You are the one without second truth, mind and bliss.
You are the Brahmam which is directly experienced.
You are filled with wisdom and filled with science.

Sarva Jagad idham thwatho jaayathe.
Sarva Jagad idham thwatha sthishtathi.
Sarva Jagad idham thwayee laya meshyathi.
Sarva jagad idham thwayee prathyethi,
Thwam bhoomir aapo analo anilo nabha.
Thwam chathwari vak padhani.

All the universe originates from you,
All the universe exists because of you.
All the universe finally mixes within you.
All the universe is nothing but you.
You are the earth, water fire, air and the sky,
You are the four types of speech and all the words.

Thwam gunathrayatheetha, thwam avastha thrayatheetha,
Thwam deha thrayatheetha, thwam kala thrayatheetha,
Thwam moola dhara sthitho aasi nithyam,
Thwam shakthi thrayathmaka,
Thwam yogino dhyayathi nithyam,
Thwam brahma thwam vishnusthwam,
Rudhrasthwam, indrasthwam, agnisthwam,
Vayusthwam sooryasthwam chandramasthwam,
Brahma bhoorbhuva swarom.

You are beyond Sathva, Rajas and Thamas,
You are beyond three types of experiences-waking, sleep and dream,
You are beyond the body states of Gross, subtle and casual,
You are beyond the three divisions of time-past, present and future,
You always and daily stay in mooladhara Chakra,
You are the three states of energy-creation, maintenance and destruction,
You are being daily meditated upon by sages,
Yo are Brahma, you are Vishnu, you are Shiva.
You are Indra, You are fire, you are wind.
You are the Sun, You are the moon,
You are all inclusive and all pervading.

Ganadhim poorvamucharya varnadhi thadanantharam,
Anuswara para thara. Ardhendhulasitham,
Tharena rhidham, yethathwa manu swaroopam,
Gakara poorva roopa, akaro Madhyama roopam,
Anuswaraschanthya roopam, bindhur uthara roopam,
Nadha sandhanam samhitha sandhi,
SAisha Ganesa vidhya ganaka rishi,
NIchrud gayathri chanda, Ganapathi devatha,
Om Gam ganapathaye Nama.

Ga is the first part, Na is the second part,
After that Um followed by a crescent dot,
Followed by the Om is the full form of the chant,
That is Ga first Aa in the middle,
This is followed by anu and ends with a dot,
When these sounds are merged you get the Manthra,
Ganaka is the sage for this knowledge of Ganesha,
The metere is Nischad Gayathri and god addressed is Ganapathi,
And the chant is 'Om Gam danapathaye Nama.'

Yeka danthaya vidmahe, vakrathundaya dheemahi,
Thano danthi prachodayath.

Om, Let me meditate on that one tusked God,
Oh, God with broken tusk, give me higher intellect,
And let the elephant faced one illuminate my mind.

Yethad adharva seersha yoadheethe,
Sa brahma bhoothaya kalpathe,
Sa sarva vignair bhadyathe,
Sa sarvatha sukhamedhathe,
Sa pancha maha papath pramuchyathe.

This is called the head of the Atharva veda,
It makes you capable of merging with God,
It removes all road blocks on your way,
It leads to permanent happiness, and pleasures,
It helps you out of the five great sins.

Sayamadhiyano dhivasa krutham papam nasyathi,
Pratharadhiyano rathrikrutham papam nasyathi,
Sayampratha prayunjano papo bhavathi,
Sarvathra dhyano apavignio bhavathi,
Dharmartha kama moksham cha vindathi.

Meditating it in the evening, removes sins committed in day time,
Meditating in the morning, removes the sins committed at night,
Meditating during evening and morning removes all sins committed,
Meditating on it always does never have any problems.
And you would get Dharma, wealth and salvation.

Idham adharvaseersha masishyaya na dheyam,
Yo yadhi mohad dhasyathi sa papeeyan bhavathi,
SAhasravarthanath yam yam kamam adheethe,
THam thamanena sadhayeth.

This adharva seersha should not be given, who is not a disciple,
He who gives it due to passion, becomes a great sinner,
Thousand times repetition helps one get all that one wishes to get.

Anena Ganapathim abhishanchathi sa vagmi bhavathi,
Chathurthyam sanan japathi sa vidhyavan bhavathi,
Ithyadharvana vakyam
Brahmadyavaranam vidhyath na vibhothi kadhachanethi.

He who gives ceremonial bath chanting this would become a master of words,
He who reads it with empty stomach on the fourth phase of moon becomes knowledgeable.
This which has been written in Atharvana Veda,
Makes gods like Brahma very dear to you,
And he who chants it becomes one with knowledge,

Yo dhurvankurai sa vaisravanopamo bhavathi,
Yo lajair yajathi sa yasovan bhavathi, sa medhavan bhavathi,
Yo modhaka sahasrena yajathi sa vanchitha phalam avapnothi,
Sa sajyasamibdhir yjathi sa sarva labeth sa sarva labeth.

He who worships with dhurva grass chanting this would become very rich,
He who worships with puffed rice chanting this, would become very famous,
He who worships with thousand modhakas would get all his desires fulfilled,
He who worships with fire sacrifice would get all that he wants.

Ashto brahmanan samyagra grahayithwaSoorya varchaswi Bhavathi,
Soorya grahe maha nadhyam prathi masam nidhou, va japthwa sidha manthro bhavathi,
Maha vignath pramuchathe Maha doshath pramuchyathe, maha apath pramuchyathe,
Sa sarva vidh bhavathi sa sarva vidh bhavathi sa yevam veda Ithyupanishad.

He who chants with eight Brahmins would get the effulgence of Sun God,
He who chants it during solar eclipse in the shores of great rivers or in front of Ganesa every month,would become the master of this manthra and all he tells would become true,
He would get rid of major road blocks,
He would get rid of great problems,
He would get rid of great dangers,
He would become greatly knowledgable, greatly knowledgable
This is the Veda and this is the Upanishad.

Om sahana avathu sahanou bhunakthu,
Saha veeryam karava vahai,
Thejaswinad adhethamasthu ma vidhishavahai.

Let both of us be protected,
Let both of us get food,
Let both of us do valorous deeds together,
Let this knowledge illuminate us,
Let this knowledge make us at peace.

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